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When the letter came telling me how much money I was owed, I couldn’t believe it.

A retired teacher from Ipswich in Suffolk has recovered over £91,800* in redress for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), thanks to the efforts of PPI professional claims specialist, Brunel Franklin. One of the claims dating back to August 1974 is believed to be the oldest policy Brunel Franklin has ever secured a refund against. Yet 66 year old Mrs May didn’t even realise she had PPI, and would never have seen a penny had the leading consumer champion not persuaded her it was well worth looking into. (*Before Brunel Franklin’s fees are deducted; see below).

Mrs May and her husband had taken out a number of store card accounts, but did not realise PPI was often included under other names, as an integral part of such agreements. Mrs May also believed there was time limit to how far back you could go with PPI claims, after another claims management company had refused to take on the cases. “Brunel Franklin contacted me in late autumn last year and asked if I had PPI or had ever claimed,” said Mrs May. “I didn’t think I had PPI but when they asked if they could investigate on my behalf I thought, if it won’t cost me anything, why the hell not? I thought you could only go back five years anyway.” 

Brunel Franklin delved back and found PPI on three store cards, one of which was taken out 43 years ago in 1974! In addition, PPI was found on a Barclays loan (a win of £2,731.93*) and shortly thereafter, Brunel Franklin was able to report further wins of £11,137.81*, £25,349.23* and £52,605.79* on just the store cards – a staggering £91,824.76* in total. When told the good news, Mrs May was understandably in shock! The amazing PPI news is bitter sweet for Mrs May, who has had to face her fair share of heartache and tragedy over the last few years. Mrs May’s husband died from cancer in 2009; followed by her dad just three months later. Then in 2013, the family dog had to be put down followed by an even bigger tragedy: 

“Our beloved family dog had to be put down one Friday in 2013 and on the Sunday, my son was taken ill and by the Wednesday, he was dead. He was just 34. He had been to the doctors and was diagnosed with IBS, when it was in fact a stomach ulcer, which burst; so I think I am due my little share of luck. It’s not life changing money but it is a comfort after all the horrible things that have happened.        

I have had my bad share. My lovely dad died just three months after my husband and I had to sell his house that would have come to me just to pay for his care. There was barely enough money left to cover the funeral, so I think I am due some good fortune.”                                                                                    

The good PPI news was tainted by the fact that the store card provider initially refused to release funds without evidence of probate for Mrs May’ husband, which could have been an extremely costly exercise and resurrected all the heartache of the losses she had suffered. However with the intervention of Brunel Franklin, the finance company saw the light and agreed to not force Mrs May to use a solicitor and incur unnecessary legal costs. 

“When the letter came telling me how much money I was owed, I couldn’t believe it,” added Mrs May. “I’m 66 this year and wow; I just had to sit down. I was due £89,092.83* in total. Just brilliant! My late husband and I had Debenhams accounts and I had a Dorothy Perkins account. My Debenhams account dated back from before I married in 1974. It was all completed in just a few months and I paid Brunel Franklin their fee straight away. I don’t mind paying the fee, as its money I never imagined I had. I would never have realised and never dreamed of claiming on my own as I had never heard of PPI.”  

“All of us at Brunel Franklin are delighted for Mrs May,” said Brunel Franklin MD, David Phillips. “It is one of the highlights of the job to pass on such good news. Mrs May has had a really tough time in recent years and it’s nice to know our efforts have brought some comfort. As a gesture of goodwill, we have substantially reduced our fees on her final win of £25,349* and will be making a donation to the charity of Mrs May’s choice. It is not the biggest win we have ever secured, but going back 43 years is exceptional. Her case is another example of the people who think they have never had PPI, but almost certainly have. Not everyone sees such a huge amount of money for store cards, but the interest payments have continued to mount since the 70s. People are entitled to redress if they have been mis-sold, but time is now running out to claim.” Brunel Franklin always makes clear that people can go it alone when making a claim for a PPI refund, but should difficulties arise such as those Mrs May encountered, you are on your own. If people like Mrs May don’t realise they had PPI they will never claim and with a cut-off date of August 2019, time is running out. 

Mrs May is clear what she would do: “I simply didn’t think I had more PPI,” explained Mrs May. “There is a lot in the news about the cut-off date now and people have to investigate before it’s too late. Brunel Franklin did a wonderful job for me. They were efficient; friendly and really keep you well informed. I was really impressed. Brunel Franklin was fabulous; I really can’t praise the company and its staff more highly.”

Brunel Franklin has been operating for over 10 years on a no win, no fee basis. Brunel Franklin is one of the longest established regulated professional claims management companies in the UK. *Brunel Franklin’s professional fees are 33% + VAT of any successful PPI refund claim. Brunel Franklin does not charge any up-front fees and customers pay nothing if their PPI refund claim is unsuccessful.  

To find out if Brunel Franklin can help you get a refund against a mis-sold PPI policy, call Brunel Franklin’s dedicated claims team, FREE, on 0800 051 54 51, or visit www.brunelfranklin.com



Photograph of Debenhams Store, credit Karen Rowe

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