Why use a CMC to reclaim your PPI?

With so many online sites suggesting that you handle your own PPI claim, it can be easy to assume that there’s no need to employ a specialist company to do the job for you.  Whilst it’s true you can handle the whole process as an individual, you many not find it as easy as you initially expected and many people find the benefits of having someone take it off your hands are well worth the additional cost. 

Here are just some reasons why you should consider using a reputable company like Brunel Franklin to handle your claims.

They have more experience than you in handling claims

Without a doubt, the main benefit of using a Claims Management Company (CMC) is that you are utilising the experience of industry experts.  Whilst making a claim yourself may have been hailed as straightforward, this isn’t always the case and you could find yourself overwhelmed or despondent before you’ve even begun.  A CMC is experienced in dealing with claims on a daily basis and is able to navigate its way around tricky situations or spot mistakes made by banks.  Whilst strict guidelines are in place for banks and lenders to follow, they aren’t always adhered to and the BBC reported in 2014 that 2.5 million claims needed to be re-assessed due to them being underpaid.  A good CMC should be able to spot mistakes before they happen and ensure you get the amount you rightfully deserve. Brunel Franklin has also been successful recovering additional refunds when a claim has already been made (either by an individual or another CMC). Brunel Franklin have recovered in excess of £65m in additional refunds from lenders for customers who have previously had a successful claim.

It can save you time & energy

Whilst you can choose to handle your PPI claim yourself, it might not be the best use of your time.  The process can be long and laborious and you may even miss hidden or additional claims you didn’t realise were there.  Enlisting the help of a CMC can save you time and leaves the hard work to someone else. All you need to do is provide us with a few basic details and let us do all the hard work. We will contact the relevant bank(s) /lender(s) and negotiate directly with them on your behalf. There are no phone calls for you to make or letters for you to write.  We will of course keep you informed every step of the way and all you need to do is sit back and relax.

It’s a stress-free process

Even if you have the time, you may not have the patience or the relevant know-how needed to put together a complaint without doing lots of research first. When you weigh up the level of work required, you may find you’d rather hand it over to a reputable company and let them deal with the process for you. You can rest assured that a reputable CMC knows exactly what paperwork needs to be included in your claim as well as how to get all of this information together, so the process should not take as long and there is less chance of your claim being rejected if you are indeed owed a refund.

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