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Millions were mis-sold PPI cover they didn't need or know about, which often proves to be useless when they need it. Are you paying for insurance you don't need or won't be able to use? We can tell you if you were mis-sold PPI and we could help you get a PPI refund. All on a No Win, No Fee basis. Read More

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PPI refunds in North Yorkshire

Sun 21 Jul 2013

A general manager from Scarborough is feeling grand – or £19 grand to be precise after consumer champions Brunel Franklin secured the 62 year old Yorkshireman a more than fair refund of over £19,00... [Read More]

PPI refunds in Somerset

Sat 20 Jul 2013

A lorry driver from Taunton is feeling considerably better off after consumer champions Brunel Franklin secured the Somerset trucker a PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) refund of just over £5,000 ... [Read More]

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Billions of pounds have been spent on investment bonds by people hoping to make the most of their money. But as many investors have discovered to their cost, investment bonds can be a disaster. Are you one of the unlucky ones? If you are, don't despair. You've come to exactly the right place. Read More

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