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Payday Compensation

Brunel Franklin launches new service to handle Payday Loan compensation claims.

Building on our success and strong reputation as leading player in the PPI arena we are now using our years of experience and expertise in the claims industry to pursue compensation for mis-sold Payday Loans.

Are you affected? Did you struggle to pay back your payday loan? Could you have been mis-sold? …You could be due a refund


What is a payday loan?

In a nutshell it’s high-cost, short-term credit. Designed to be repaid within a short period of time usually days rather than months, so can be used as stop gap until pay day. They are easily accessible both online and on the high street, even by those with poor credit/low incomes. The trade-off is that they usually come at a high cost and from there problems arise. Whilst most of these loans are usually paid off within a month or less, the typical interest rates are frightening and work out to be up to 1,300% per annum results in rapidly escalating debts where the loan is not repaid as intended. This has brought in to question whether many of the lenders acted responsibly in providing the loans.



In January 2015 the FCA introduced a cap on interest rates and fees after it discovered evidence of widespread malpractice, including overly aggressive collections practices directed at struggling borrowers. It also ordered a number of lenders to pay compensation for failing to follow good practice.

Sadly, hundreds of thousands of customers were sold unaffordable loans with limited information about interest, added fees and repayment costs. This led them to face even bigger financial problems than they started out with, struggling to pay for their basic necessities such as food and utility bills and many forced to take out subsequent loans to cover the costs of their existing ones.

Customers are now being refunded their fees and interest paid from the leading lenders such as Wonga and The Money Shop. If you have taken out a payday loan and have faced undue difficulty in paying it back, then you could receive a refund too.



Grounds for a claim?

There are various grounds on which to build a claim. If any of the following sound familiar to you then you may be entitled to claim

  • Were sufficient checks carried out by the payday lender before deciding to lend?

  • Were the fees/charges made absolutely clear to you when you took out the loan?

  • Were you encouraged to borrow further?

  • Did you tell the lender you were struggling with repayments?

  • Did you have to take out a further payday loan to pay the initial one back?

  • Are you having trouble with your credit file following a payday loan?

  • Did the lender take automatic payments from your bank account which made it difficult to cover other bills/basic living costs?


Don’t suffer in silence or lose sleep worrying about a payday loan. Take advice and get some help!