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Could I have had PPI?

Time Is Running Out

Have you ever:

  • Borrowed money from a bank or lender?
  • Bought a car on finance?
  • Had a credit card?
  • Had a store card?

If yes to any of the above, find out what you could be owed:

Lender breakdown of PPI redress recovered by Brunel Franklin (to March 2017)
Lloyds TSB £104,160,601
Barclays £43,457,685
Halifax/Bank of Scotland £39,946,387
Smaller organisations £36,578,136
Nat West £23,807,617
HSBC/Midland Bank £21,834,436
MBNA £14,177,618
RBS £13,086,835
Yorkshire/Clydesdale £10,068,044
First Plus £7,504,975
Welcome Finance £7,437,636
Santander £5,705,248
HFC/Beneficial £4,642,363
Northern Rock £4,133,629
Egg £4,032,666
Marks and Spencer £3,178,505
Capital One £3,164,571
TOTAL £346,916,952

Could I have been mis-sold ppi?

The simple answer is yes (and it's nothing to be ashamed of). Bankers and others selling different insurance and finance policies were ruthless between the 1980's to early 2000's. PPI, or payment protection insurance, was designed to help you keep up with payments on your financial products, such as loans or credit/store cards, in cases of illness, accident, redundancy or death. When sold correctly and to the right person, it allows for peace of mind that if you should ever not be able to make a payment, you won’t get into financial difficulty. However, banks, credit lenders and loan firms mis-sold PPI to many who didn’t need it, would never use it or didn’t know it existed, more often than not at high rates. Click here to start your no obligation** claim.

when might ppi have been added?

Did you have a store card? How about a dreaded overdraft? Don't get us started on double glazing and car salesmen (not being sexist, but they were worse than the bankers). Oh, and then there was the mortgage you had or you might have had an affinity credit card. Even Marks & Spencer got in on the act (as did Top Shop, Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams and many many more). Customers often had little chance to shop around for an alternative due to the pressure exerted by the salesperson. Additionally, many were sold PPI cover without knowing they had bought it as it was added onto their repayments without their knowledge and others were even told they wouldn’t be approved for credit without it. Click here to start your no obligation** claim.

Was I mis-sold PPI?

Millions of people were mis-sold PPI because their employment status didn’t fit the criteria, for example they were self-employed, unemployed or retired, or because they had a medical condition that might have precluded them from ever claiming on the policy (See Caroline's story).  If you’re not sure whether you were mis-sold it, time is running out for you to find out.

Is there a time limit?

It is proposed that all PPI claims need to be made by the end of August 2019. Additionally, to stand the best chance of being successful, you’re best to file a claim within the first six years after a policy has ended as lenders have to keep your paperwork on file for that length of time. That’s not to say, however, that a claim for an older policy won’t be successful. Brunel Franklin have claimed refunds dating back to the late 1970’s. Click here to start your no obligation** claim.

Do I need any paperwork?

Not necessarily. Whilst it’s obviously preferable to have a copy of your original loan agreement and terms, it’s not absolutely vital. Brunel Franklin, have the ability to start the claims process without any need for an account number or paperwork – in fact, all we need is your name, address and DOB to get the ball rolling. Click here to start your no obligation** claim.

Do I make a claim myself or use a company?

Whilst it is possible to make a complaint yourself, the process can often be laborious, time consuming and for some a little overwhelming. Brunel Franklin has the experience and knowledge needed to make a claim quickly and successfully. We are also able to spot any mistakes or short changes by the lenders before accepting a settlement figure. Click here to start your no obligation** claim.


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