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Could You Be Owed More PPI?

You Might Be Owed More PPI

Have you ever:

  • Borrowed money from a bank or lender?
  • Made a PPI Claim and been rejected?
  • Made a claim yourself and been successful?
  • Never actually claimed PPI before?

If yes to any of the above, find out what you could be owed:

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Are you owed More COMPENsation?

I'm guessing you might have already made a claim for Payment Protection Insurance either by yourself or via a Claims Management Company like Brunel Franklin. Claiming compensation for PPI is nothing new, and many financial institutions are pleased that the deadline to make a claim is just around the corner. However, there have been some recent developments which mean you might either now be entitled to claim money (if you've been rejected in the past) or you might be entitled to additional compensation. 

So, it could be good news for you! Brunel Franklin has recovered in excess of £65m in additional refunds for customers who have previously had a successful claim†. This comes from a few different areas:

1) You were not properly compensated for your initial claim. Some lenders were not that great in the early days about giving you the correct level of redress as they didn't correctly disclose if you had more than one PPI policy. For example, you might have made a claim on a loan and they failed to disclose you also had PPI on a credit card. Brunel Franklin will often review a claim and let the bank know they have not properly calculated the level of compensation. Paul said "I thought I'd claimed back my PPI years ago. Brunel Franklin explained I might have been underpaid and said they could recover even more so I let them have a go." Brunel Franklin recovered over £10,000 from Lloyds for Paul.

2) Last year, customers were able to claim under the Plevin Ruling. In a nutshell, the courts agreed that Susan Plevin would never have taken out her PPI policy (that was fairly sold to her) had she known a large portion of her policy payments were actually made up of commission. After the court ruling, the FCA introduced a policy stating that anyone who had paid more than 50% commission (which the banks never normally revealed), was able to claim back the amount of commission above 50%. Therefore, if you've been rejected in the past and had the policy post-2008, the chances are you might now be due compensation under the Plevin ruling. If you're unsure, please contact us and we will help determine if you are able to make a claim.

3) If you've already claimed under the Plevin ruling, we might be able to get you a bigger refund. In some cases, we are reclaiming the full policy and interest back for our customers



What do you have to lose?

In all reality, not a great deal! Brunel Franklin operates on a No Win No Fee* basis and we will only take a percentage of any compensation awarded to you on a successful claim we make on your behalf. Of course, you can make a claim yourself. Brunel Franklin is an alternative solution if you don't have the time to make a claim yourself, or if you have tried and maybe failed in the past. You really do have nothing to lose.


Is there a time limit?

PPI claims need to be made by the end of August 2019. Additionally, to stand the best chance of being successful, you’re best to file a claim within the first six years after a policy has ended as lenders have to keep your paperwork on file for that length of time. Whilst it’s obviously preferable to have a copy of your original loan agreement and terms, it’s not absolutely vital. Brunel Franklin, have the ability to start the claims process without any need for an account number or paperwork – in fact, all we need is your name, address and DOB to get the ball rolling.


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