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CMC told Nottingham Bus Driver he didn't have PPI

These other people had looked into PPI on my loans and when they told me I had nothing with Yorkshire Bank, I couldn’t believe it but I thought that was that.

A bus driver from Nottingham has picked up over £8,570* in refunds for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), but Mr Ivan Tomlinson, 43, says he might have received nothing at all - had Brunel Franklin not offered to help when his original Claims Management Company (CMC) let him down. (*Before Brunel Franklin’s fees are deducted; see below).

Having seen the PPI mis-selling scandal in the news, Mr Tomlinson was convinced the controversial cover had been bundled into several loans taken out with Yorkshire Bank dating back to 1994, and resolved to find out. Ivan retained a CMC to investigate on his behalf, who reported there was nothing to find; and he thought that was the end of the matter until Brunel Franklin suggested he try again.

“These other people had looked into PPI on my loans and when they told me I had nothing with Yorkshire Bank, I couldn’t believe it but I thought that was that,” explained Mr Tomlinson. “So, when Brunel Franklin contacted me several months later and offered to look again, I felt I had nothing to lose by letting them do so.” In a matter of a few months, the specialists at Brunel Franklin found Ivan did indeed have PPI with the vendor in the past and secured Mr Tomlinson the redress he was owed in double quick time; not bad when his original CMC had told him there was nothing to claim. 

“We are delighted to have reunited Ivan with his money by securing him the redress he was entitled to,” said Brunel Franklin MD, David Phillips. “We do see many cases where people have been falsely told they don’t have a claim, including by other CMCs. It is important people choose a reputable CMC or are prepared to be very persistent should they choose to make a claim for a refund on their own.” 

Brunel Franklin always make clear that people can go it alone when making a claim for a PPI refund, but cases where a vendor may deny PPI existed; are more complex in nature or require an appeal to the Ombudsman can benefit from the efforts of an experienced, professional company like Brunel Franklin.

“I was sold PPI in the branch, so I distinctly remembered,” added Ivan. “You go in to sign the paperwork, to buy a car in my case and they made you feel like you must have it. I was made to feel like the loan being approved was conditional on accepting the PPI. Now, I’m just happy to have my money back.” 

Mr Tomlinson was delighted with the Brunel Franklin service and as someone with a successful claim and the money to show for it, Ivan is well aware on the looming deadline of 2019 for people who may not yet have claimed a PPI refund to do so. He says they should do what he did - before it’s too late. 

“With Brunel Franklin, it just took a few months from signing the forms to receiving my money,” added Ivan. “I was very satisfied and it was quite quick, to be fair. I used the money to treat the family. The banks made a mistake with PPI and they need to acknowledge it. Usually when you sign forms, it’s your problem, so the good side of this story is something wrong can be set right,” he said.

“With Brunel Franklin, I was able to go back 10-15 years and other people can do the same. We know the August 2019 deadline now, so that should encourage people who haven’t claimed yet to think about doing so before it’s too late,” Ivan concluded.

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